First Aid FAQ

Asked Questions

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Is therer any rules about who can own a Defib?

Anyone can own an AED. For help selecting the right one for your business or organisation, please contact our team.

Do I need to train my employees?

While AEDs can be used without any prior experience, it is strongly recommended that all staff are trained in CPR and AED.

Do Pads and Batteries have a shelf life?

Yes, both pads and batteries expire and will need replacing. It is common for them to have a shelf-life which is the amount of time they can be stored without being used. Batteries also have a ‘standby life’ which is the amount of time they can be used once installed. This varies depending on the manufacturer. Batteries will typically power a defibrillator for between 4-5 years.

Electrode pads are disposable, single-use items and cannot be reused. They may be stored for some time before use and their ‘shelf life’ ranges from 2-4 years. When the shelf life or standby life has expired, replacement AED pads or replacement defibrillator batteries will need to be purchased.

When do I use a AED?

An AED should be used for all who are unresponsive and not breathing normally. Chest compressions should be commenced immediately and the AED applied as soon as it becomes available.

Are your courses Delivered Safely?

Your safety and the safety of our trainers is important to us. That’s why we have carefully planned how we can deliver our training courses safely …

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